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May 16, 2014; Langston Concrete; Royal Gorge Bridge

May 16, 2014; Langston Concrete; Royal Gorge Bridge

Concrete is the bread and butter of our organization. Since 1991 Langston Concrete Inc. has prided itself in taking on “all phases of concrete.” From the beginning, our owner has never turned down a job. During the first few years most of the work that came down the pipe was primarily in the residential sector. There were several very small projects that were able to be completed with a pick-up truck, some 2×4’s, a hammer, and some back-breaking labor. Eventually, one employee was hired to share the back-breaking labor and then another. After a few years there were about 5 employees and some weekend/summer time help when the kids were out of school.

Custom home foundations in the Westcliffe Valley became the norm of business. When the housing boom was cranking and the economy was rolling strong, our organization use to complete one custom home foundation a week; start to finish. This included lay-out, excavation, concrete footers, foundation, floors, patios, septic installation, water line installation, propane tank & line installation, power line installation, and backfill. We use to move in and out of every project on the weekends. A reputation was quickly established and maintained for several years. A lot of concrete was poured and numerous homeowners were made very happy. Every project that was completed was finished in full satisfaction and everyone went away happy.

It wasn’t until around 2007-2008 that Langston Concrete Inc. broke into the commercial/ industrial concrete sector and the window of opportunity flew open. We had done a little bit in these sectors before, but landing a project at the cement plant in Pueblo, Colorado blew the doors off anything we had ever done before. The building of the cement plant was like a ‘coming of age’ for us. We finally had the opportunity in front of us to spread our wings and let the organization grow. We poured concrete foundations, flatwork, piers, pads, excavated all our own digs, hauled all our own material, dug drainage ditches, compacted our own backfill, and helped the owners open the first phase of their quarry for them.

Relying on the knowledge and the drive of our president and company owner, we proceeded full steam ahead and never looked back. With a ‘can do’ attitude and ‘there’s nothing we won’t try’ philosophy, our organization is now proficient in nearly every form of concrete imaginable. Some of the concrete related services we offer include:

Stamped Concrete

Colored Concrete

Acid Staining

Floor Polishing

Concrete Countertops




Retaining Walls

Stem Walls





Retaining Wall Blocks